Principal's View of Fairfield Primary

Welcome to Fairfield Primary School!

Fairfield Primary School is located in Southern Somerset County Central Maine, in Kennebec Valley.  The school originally housed Lawrence High School built in 1922 and was also used at one point as a Jr. High. It is now the home of our district Pre-Kindergarten and  Kindergarten programs. Childcare is available for children before, after and also during the day if students' attend half-day pre-k.

Fairfield Primary is the home of our district Pre-k. Students are elligible to attend from the towns of Albion, Benton, Shawmut and Fairfield. Transportation is not provided for Pre-K students as the drop off and pick up times allow for daily interaction with staff during this first schooling experience.

The Kindergarten students in attendance are primarily from both the towns of Fairfield and Benton. As there is no Kindergarten at the Benton Elementary, students move on to first grade in Benton upon successful completion of their Kindergarten year. The Fairfield Primary facility is located across the street from a local park/green space  utilized by the school and community for special events and concerts.  

Early learning experiences are the most important indicator of student's future success in school. Fairfield Primary provides students with opportunities for growth and development and adheres to the Maine's Early Learning Standards. Fairfield Primary is an approved school in the state of Maine and is accredited by National Association for the Education of Young Child. Our childcare program is also accredited by the Maine quality rating system of standards.

All of our Pre-K and K teachers are state-certified and share a love for young children coupled with a passion for learning. This school is also a special part of our district's ipad initiative used for instruction and discovery. Students in pre-k, childcare and Kindergarten have access to Apple ipads used to support basic early learning skills in all early learning areas, especially in literacy and math.

We look forward to helping all our children learn and grow!
Lori Lee