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This week in preschool:

We’ve been reading books by Dr. Seuss. The kids have really enjoyed the silliness of Seuss’ trademark nonsense rhymes! We’ve also done lots of rhyming ourselves.

The children have begun to do some daily writing this week as well. As a change from signing in, students have drawn a picture, written their name and something about the picture – just a word or two. You will be seeing these papers in backpacks in the coming weeks. At this point, Judy and I are helping students hear the sounds and identify which letter makes the associated sound, if necessary. As time goes on, they’ll become more independent. You may notice that the first and last letters of words are written in your child’s handwriting and the others in an adult’s. The beginning and ending sounds in words are often the easiest for children to hear, so we help speed up the process by writing the rest of the letters and modeling how to “sound out” the words. When your child becomes a bit more independent, you may notice words written without vowels or with unconventional spellings. During this “independent” writing, we don’t make corrections as long as the letter that’s written can make the sound for which it’s used. The reason for this is to build the child’s confidence as a writer. We also do “interactive” and “shared” writing as a group at school and we use these times to model conventional spelling and correct capitalization, spacing and punctuation.

Thank you all so much for the great attendance at our Family Fun Hour! I think the kids really enjoyed it.





Don’t forget the

Preschool Art Show May 3

Please check the white board outside the classroom door regularly for announcements.

Please remember to have your child use the bathroom just before entering the classroom.

In case of spills or other accidents, please keep a change of clothes in your child’s backpack





Kathleen Hillman


Useful "Trash"

(I've forgotten how to make tabs, so I'll post this here until I can get help with that...)

If you have any of the following, we could use them in our classroom:

empty coffee cans with lids or pop-up style wet wipes containers

scraps of yarn, ribbon, lace


Please be sure all items are clean. (I'll add and delete items as necessary) Thank you!